Advantra® Packaging Adhesives

ADVANTRA® packaging adhesives are raising adhesive standards to a higher level. From case and carton sealing to tray forming and more, multi-purpose ADVANTRA® packaging adhesives are proving their value in a wide range of packaging applications. ADVANTRA® adhesives provide superior performance at the lowest overall adhesive cost of any hot melt on the market today.




Corrugated Container Closure Case and Carton Sealing
Tray Forming Multi-wall and specialty bags
Ream Wrap  
Roll Wrap  
Straw Attachment  

Key Benefits:

Aggressive bonding - Bonds to a wide range of difficult substrate materials.

Increased mileage - Lowers adhesive costs as much as 15-30%, depending on application.

Reduces gel and char - No plugged lines or nozzles and no adhesive buildup in the tank, reducing customer maintenance costs.

No stringing and tailing - Reduces downtime. No adhesive build-up. Reduces unscheduled maintenance. Does not mar package appearance.

Resists viscosity gain - Adhesive runs continuously well, allowing for precise control of bead size and bead placement.

Wide service temperature range - Final bonds resist extreme heat and cold, reducing waste, product returns and replacement costs.

Consistent light color - Enhances package appearance.

Clean machining - Trouble-free performance. Less equipment maintenance and unscheduled downtime.

Odor free - No odor. No smoke. Provides for a more user-friendly work environment.


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