Yellow Jacket 110 Stretch Wrapping Equipment Product Selector Guide



Yellow Jacket’s orbital lock-down stretch wrap technology moves a horizontally positioned stretch wrap dispenser around and under a load, securely locking standard, oversized or odd-shaped loads without bands. This orbital technology wraps loads more quickly and securely than hand wrapping, increasing your pack-to-ship performance, and minimizing labor and shipping costs.

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Dependent on your application, Yellow Jacket has a machine type and size perfect for your daily use. Match your pallet per day volumes, pallet sizes and/or materials being wrapped, automation need, and equipment budget to the machine suited for you.



Yellow Jacket Manual Orbital Stretch Wrap System

Entry-level workhorse for wrapping palleted loads. Improve your shipping capacity and cost savings by wrapping the load right on the forklift. The Yellow Jacket is operated by one person and is operated by pressing two button on the handle and manually advancing the orbiting film across the entire load. Available in 87” diameter, with a pallet capacity of 52” square and 5’ long.

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Standar Manual Model Yellow Jacket Orbital Stretch Wrap Machine for pallets.




Yellow Jacket 87" Semi-Automatic Orbital Stretch Wrap System

Pallet wrapping from the seat of the forklift…especially suited to higher volume distribution and manufacturing shipping. Our semi-automatic models automatically advance the Yellow Jacket around the pallet while the driver stays on the forklift for the entire operation.

Available in 87” diameter models with 52” square x 5’ long pallet capacity.

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  Yellow Jacket Automatic Orbital Stretch Wrap System

Our fully-automated model help you wrap high volume shipments of bundled loads securely and safely…all without the need for any operator involvement. These models are best suited for long/narrow (IE: tubing) and/or larger products such as building/construction material, siding, molding, trim and other palleted or non-palleted production lines requiring a high speed wrap process. Available in unit sizes 87”, 10’ and 15’ models, other features (input, output) are custom built to your product and manufacturing specifications.

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  The Stinger™

Do you have long-part bundling requirements? The conveyor-fed Stinger secures longer length parts together for a safer, damage free load. 40” of usable wrapping area—handles typical applications include tubing, piping, building materials, siding, and many industrial and warehouse applications. Available in manual, semi-automatic and automatic models.

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  YellowJacket's line of orbital stretch wrap equipment includes manual wrappers, semi-automatic wrappers and automatic wrappers.