ITW/ Mima Raptor 3.3 Semi-Automatic


Economical Turntable Stretch Wrapper


  • Maximizes film savings
  • Applies up to 300% pre-stretch
  • Heavy-duty metal construction
  • Turntable speed up to 10 RPM
  • Throughput rate up to 30 loads per hour
  • Wraps up to 3,500-pound loads
  • Forklift portable from machine front/rear
  • Positive non-slip chain drive ensures precision
    load handling and accurate positioning
  • Carriage head is tilted to accommodate wrapping within 1.5" of the turntable


    ITW Mima’s rugged 3.3 stretch wrapping machine offers years and years of reliable, dependable service, and pays for itself within months of its installation. That’s because machine wrapping speeds up your entire shipping process, and ensures a cost-effective wrap — that hand wrapping can’t begin to match.

The 3.3 applies a continuous, pre-stretched film that helps eliminate costly over-wrapping. This efficient process conserves the amount of stretch film used while slashing the time it takes to hand wrap. Plus, it also saves employees from potential back stress and strain and labor-related injuries.