Shanklin® Shrink Tunnels

  Unlike other shrink tunnels, in which improperly controlled air can produce disappointing results, Shanklin® shrink tunnels feature carefully controlled air velocity and temperature that are maintained throughout the tunnel for optimum film shrink.
  • Versatile - Line easily meets such challenges as "problem packages," keeping up with high-speed wrapping machinery, or using difficult-to-handle shrink films.
  • Durable - Heavy gauge steel exteriors and corrosion resistant interiors for long-lasting performance.
  • Innovative - Designed to deliver heat to film rapidly for minimal heat exposure to product; tailors air temperature and velocity to favor the wrapping film for the best possible shrink.
  • Two-Year Warranty - Our commitment to reliability and our continued assurance of quality.

Over the years, we’ve developed an extensive line of shrink tunnel solutions engineered for virtually any application. There’s a Shanklin® shrink tunnel perfect for your needs.

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Shanklin® Shrink Tunnels


Shanklin® Single Chamber Shrink Tunnels


Models:   T-6H       T-7XL, T-7F, T-7H


  Simplicity and reliability best describe our excellent line of standard shrink tunnels. Each is a hard-working, high performance machine that produces superior packages every time. Standard models (with the exception of the T-7F) are also available in stainless steel construction.    
  Model T-6H    
  • Moderately priced - An excellent value!
  • Easy to use - Set temperature, conveyor speed, and variable air velocity control, and you’re ready to go.
  • T-6H features larger tunnel opening height to accommodate higher profile packages


Tunnel Chamber Size (inches)
(L x W x H)
Conveyor Length (inches)
T-6H  30 x 18 x 10 109
  Shanklin® Model T-6H     
  Models T-7XL, T-7F, T-7H    
  • Virtually maintenance - free, thanks to straightforward, dependable design.
  • Easy to use - Set temperature, conveyor speed, air velocity, and go!
  • Flexible - Adjustable top air jet velocity ensure superior shrinks of unusual products.
  • Heavy-duty conveyor - Stainless steel mesh belt, variable speed DC drive.
  • T-7F - Value-priced for applications where fixed height top air and standard-duty conveyor are sufficient.
  • T-7H - Fixed tunnel ceiling height; features expanded tunnel opening to accommodate medium to high profile packages, front-mounted control box standard.
  • T-7XL - Industry "workhorse" - The most powerful tunnel of its size.

Shanklin® Model T-7F   Shanklin® Model T-7H  Shanklin® Model T-7XL


Shanklin® Large Capacity Shrink Tunnels

Models T-8, T-9, T-11
  Sometimes, you just need more room. Our large capacity shrink tunnels are designed for those packages that are too large or too wide to fit through a T-7 Series tunnel. Three different large capacity models feature varying tunnel heights and widths to best meet your shrinking needs.  
  • Precisely engineered hot air circulation pattern produces tightly wrapped packages.
  • Optional live roller conveyor recommended for wide, heavy product and rolls wrapped in polyolefin or PVC shrink films.
Tunnel Chamber Size (inches)
(L x W x H)
Conveyor Length (inches)
T-8  47 x 28 x 12 77
T-9  47 x 36 x 6 77
T-11  47 x 48 x 8 77
Shanklin® Models T-8 & T-9 Shanklin® Shrink Tunnels

Shanklin® Extended Single Chamber Shrink Tunnels

 Model GT-71
Combines Versatility, Technology and Performance
The new GT series high speed shrink tunnel uses the latest advances in technology, such as software advancements that provide unique management of the digital temperature controller, coupled with our design knowledge and experience to provide exceptional shrink package appearance and unmatched application flexibility.
  • Chamber temperature control with +/- 1 degree
  • Variable speed AC main blower
  • Three dual-speed, in-chamber fans
  • Dual-directional conveyor drive permits right-to-left or left-to-right production flow
  • Global platform - Metric fasteners - CE compliant
  • Left and right chamber viewing windows
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy setup with exceptional temperature control allowing minimal air velocity requirements or adjustments
Tunnel Chamber Size (inches)
(L x W x H)
Conveyor Length (inches)
GT-71  60 x 22 x 12 84
Shanklin® Model GT-71
Models T-71, T-81
This line of outstanding high speed shrink tunnels was created to solve the higher speed applications not requiring a dual chamber shrink tunnel. Our designs feature an extended single chamber for increased shrink time, while remaining cost effective since the tunnel utilizes single controls and single blowers.
  • Features a longer (60") single chamber tunnel to facilitate increased shrinking capacity at higher speeds.
  • Powerful hot air system keeps pace with the most demanding use.
  • Fast - Conveyor speeds from 25 to 150 feet per minute.
  • T-81 tunnel passage is slightly wider and higher than that of the T-71


Tunnel Chamber Size (inches)
(L x W x H)
Conveyor Length (inches)
T-71  60 x 22 x 10 92
T-81  60 x 28 x 12 99
Shanklin® Models T-71 & T-81

Shanklin® Dual Chamber Shrink Tunnels

Model T-62, T-72, T-92
This line of outstanding high speed shrink tunnels was created to solve the most persistent shrink challenges: keeping up with high speed automatic wrappers, processing product with heat absorptive surfaces, and wrapping irregularly shaped product where the film must conform tightly to the product. Fully controllable air temperature and velocity on our high speed tunnels allow you to customize the shrinking conditions to the package being run. Simply set the conveyor speed, variable air velocity controls, and temperature…and prepare to be amazed!
  • Features high speed dual-chamber tunnel for the ultimate shrinking capacity, each with independently controllable temperature and air velocity.
  • Four models offer varying tunnel passage dimensions for multiple applications.
  • T-62 and T-72 available in stainless steel construction.


Tunnel Chamber Size (inches)
(L x W x H)
Conveyor Length (inches)
T-62  61 x 18 x 10 109
T-72  84 x 22 x 8 132
T-72H  84 x 22 x 12 132
T-92  95 x 36 x 14 125
Shanklin® Models T-62 & T-72