Shanklin Infeeds
  A wide range of automatic product feeding systems is available for any of the High Speed Wrappers. We offer both continuous flow infeeds and multipacking infeeds, which accumulate and/or collate and feed groupings of product into Shanklin Shrink Packaging Machines.






Continuous Flow Infeeds

As the speeds of horizontal Form-Fill-Seal machines increase, the mechanism that feeds the products into the wrapping machine becomes an increasingly important component of a successful packaging line. The infeeds shown here feed product into Shanklin Packaging Machines while maintaining a truly continuous flow of product to and through the machine. The line of product waiting to be wrapped is free from the harsh start-stop motion associated with many product feed systems, and product flow is smooth and in a straight line.



Synchronic Infeed

The Shanklin Synchronic Infeed uses a control conveyor and infeed conveyor similar to the Harmonic Infeed, described below, but it is designed to feed any Shanklin High Speed Automatic Wrapper. The flighted conveyor of the machine is retained, and a sophisticated control system senses the location of the infeeding product and adjusts it automatically so that the product will be deposited between the flights of the wrapping machine's infeed conveyor. Speeds exceeding 200 products/min. have been achieved with this infeed.

The sophisticated control system of the Synchronic Infeed permits feeding of multiple products into a single flight space for in-line multipacking.


Harmonic Infeed

The Shanklin Harmonic Infeed is installed on Shanklin HS-1, HS-2, F-4 and F-5 Wrappers in place of the flighted infeed conveyor. The Harmonic Infeed feeds product at the proper rate to produce the proper spacing between products. Photocell controlled end seal jaws seal the film between the packages automatically. A special Shanklin Infeed Conveyor (recommended accessory) feeds product into the Harmonic Infeed.

Factory modifications to the Harmonic Infeed permit groupings of product to be fed either intermittently or continuously.



Harmonic Infeed - Side Belt

The Shanklin Harmonic Infeed is an optional side belt model for applications that cannot be controlled by the overhead belt on the standard model. This same configuration is available as an option for the Synchronic Infeed.



Sensor Belt Infeed

The Shanklin Sensor Belt Infeed is a series of belt conveyors that are driven by servo motors. Photocells sense the position of products as they are transported into the wrapping machine, and a computer adjusts the speeds of the belts to provide correct product spacing and placement. The Sensor Belt Infeed is ideal for feeding soft or fragile products that cannot be touched on the sides or the top.


Timing Screw Infeed

The Shanklin Timing Screw Infeed can be used to feed product into the flighted infeed conveyor of any Shanklin High Speed Wrapping Machine. It is particularly suited for round product (cans, jars, etc.) or product with rounded corners.

This infeed can be configured to accumulate groupings of product for synchronized delivery to the wrapping machine.




Multipacking Infeeds

F-1M and F-3M Multipacking Infeeds

Use alternating stops on the infeed conveyors to accumulate groupings of product and then release the groupings automatically into the wrapping machine.



Wide Flight Bar Infeed

Where maximum versatility with minimum changeover time is a primary concern, a manually fed infeed conveyor is often used. The Shanklin Wide Flight Bar Infeed is ideal for this purpose. Product is placed between the flight bars and is carried into the wrapper automatically. Adjustable side guides are quickly set for the width of the products. This infeed is also designed to feed single products and irregularly shaped products.



The Synchronic, Harmonic and Timing Belt Infeeds above can be modified for multi-packing operations