Econo Series Sealers


  EASTEY EM-1622T  &  EM-1636T  

Magnet clamping

Automatic cycle timing

Automatic takeaway conveyor

Pin perforator


Locking casters

Excellent quality

Seal size of 16" x 22" (EM-1622) or 16" x 36" (EM-1636)

Power:  220 vac 1 phase

Maximum film with for Econo L-Sealers is 19"


   Takeaway conveyor

   110 vac on EM-1622


  EASTEY ET-1608  &  ET-1610  

Live roller or stainless steel mesh belt conveyor system

Solid state temperature control

4-direction air flow with variable velocity control

Chamber size:

    Model 1608:  16"W x 8"H x 30"L

    Model 1610:  16"W x 10"H x 30"L

Power:  220vac 1 phase