Domino A-SERIES Small Character Continuous Ink Jet
  The A-Series continuous ink jet (CIJ) printers have been developed to offer a wide range of reliable coding solutions. In conjunction with Domino's wide range of inks the A-Series prints onto a variety of substrates including food, glass, plastic, metal, rubber and many more.
Features & Benefits
  Download A-100 Literature  (1.375 MB PDF)
  Download A-200 Literature  (1.311 MB PDF)
Download A-300 Literature  (1.313 MB PDF)
Download A-400 Literature  (1.337 MB PDF)
  The A-Series offers a complete range of print and speed capabilities designed to meet your specific needs. It includes the A100, A200, A300 and A400, offering a variety of specifications:
  • Print - Variable text, logos and barcodes
  • Number of Lines - From 2 to 4 lines
  • Print Speed - Up to 325m/min
  • Print Height - Up to 10 mm
  • Inks - MEK, ethanol (including food grade), water based
  • IP Rating - IP 53 to IP65
  • Networking - Available for all A-Series products


Features and Benefits
High Reliability
  • Automatic self-cleaning print head guarantees print nozzle stays unobstructed, even on frequent start-stop production lines
  • Advanced ink range ensures reliability in a wide variety of temperatures
  • IP rated units offer reliability in a range of harsh environments
High Quality Print
  • Heated print head technology guarantees optimum ink viscosity to ensure consistent print quality
  • Ink reservoir enables on-the-fly refilling without disrupting production process and guarantees consistency in print
  • Superior print head technology provides better drop placement and print quality
  • Non-contact printing offers high quality coding onto uneven and flexible surfaces
Simple Operation
  • Intuitive full-size keyboard and function keys simplify operation and massage creation
  • User friendly display screen
  • Quick and easy one button start-stop process for immediate operation
Networked Solution
  • Clarinet and Clarisoft software provides factory wide control, design and storage of text and graphics on networked printers
  • Windows® based interface provides intuitive and user friendly message creation
  • Incorporates production reporting and factory wide monitoring capabilities
Special Applications
A wide range of hardware, software and inks give the A-Series even greater functionality:
  • A variety of specialist inks include food grade, thermo chromic, removable inks and others.
  • Freeform technology for enhanced near letter-quality curved characters
  • Pinpoint product reduces character heights down to 0.8mm
  • XS technology enables ultra high speed, consistent printing to keep pace with the fastest production lines
  • Coding onto eggs with the Egg Coder A-Series
  • Printing Opaque inks onto dark surfaces
  • 2D bar coding capabilities for large data storage in small print area
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